• 28 rooms and 6 cabins with TV & bathroom.

  • Free WI-FI throughout the center, 2 living rooms with big screen, Nintendo Wii & PlayStation.

  • Park Vendia has an indoor swimming hall, football fields, tennis courts and sports halls.

  • Special offers from our partners, activities like mini golf, bowling and go-cart.

School camps

Recommendations for theme packages for school camps.

Here you will find a few recommendations for themes for your school camp in Hjørring. We can of course, organize your entire stay for you and the themes below are only for your inspiration. You can just pick and choose what themes you are interested in and we will put together a fantastic itinerary for you and we can also offer good prices for the different options. 

Nature Theme: Hærvejen - the fantastic west coast.

A day trip (max. 15 km.), which will partly provide good exercise, plenty of fresh air, natural and cultural experiences and which will give the participants the opportunity to experience the very special and wild nature on the coast. 

Here is a little explanation of the route:

Hop on Hærvejen at Kærsgård Strands end. Just a little south of the parking lot at Kærsgård Strand you will find a water covered hollow behind the sand dunes. The area is called Vandplaskentornirisk, white throat, meadown piper and sagebrush bird. Perhaps you are lucky enought to fall over a red backed shrike. 

Behind Nørlev Strand you will find the Skallerup inland sand dunes. These distintive sand dunes are formed by drifting sand from the 1500's up to the 1800's, they formed a bay from shifting sands. The shifting sands were a disaster for the farmers who had to leave their homes. The inland sand dunes offer a spectacular array of flora and fauna. 

The next stop is Skallerup, which offers an equestrian a visitable farm. 

Lønstrup is picturesque in an elongated ravine. Many different crafts people have settled in the town but earlier it was a fishing that was the major occupation from the open beach. A handful fisherman still catch fish and land on the steep slipway. In the rescue house from 1852 you will find an exhibition with the history of fishing in Lønstrup.

Back to Lønstrup and on to Mårup Kirke ruins. The church was buildt in the 1300's and that time it was located just 4 kilometers from the coastline. It was taken out of use in 1928 as the farmers moved further inland because of the shifting sands and the sea inroads into the sand dunes. The church is today partly fallen and only a part of the wall and the some of the cementary remains. 

From Mårup Kirke, Hærvejen goes up to Rubjerg Knude and Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. Rubjerg Knude is one of our largest migrating sand dunes, whose luminous silhouette is clearly visible many kilometers down the beach. The lighthouse was built in 1900 and was in use until 1968, where operations were stopped due to the drifting sands. For some time the light house was used as a drifting sand museum but in 2003 the museum also had to be closed due to the drifting sands. The sand buried the building and only the very top of the lighthouse can be seen. Now the sand dunes are slipping past and showing once again some of the old buildings. When the lighthouse was built it was built on the highest point, 60 meters over the ocean and 200 meters inland. Now it is very close to the sand dunes. 

From Rubjerg Knude the route goes through the beautiful area behind the wandering sand dunes to Strandfogedgården, which today is a very cosy and interesting museum for the history of the coast. There are many guided tours from this point in the distinctive and beautiful scenary. 


Hærvejen App can be used as a road guide. During your trip you can take photos via the App and share on Facebook or make your own scrapbook. 

Rubjerg Knude also has it's own App. 

There are folders and brochures at Vandplasken and Skallerup inland sand dunes.

In Lønstrup you can be met by a local guide who can tell you all about the town and Mårup Kirke.

At the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse or in Lønstrup you can also be met by a nature guide who can take you over Knuden and the lighthouse to Strandfogedgården, if you wish to visit the drifting sands museum. This is where the tour ends. 

Nature Theme: Fish and birds.

The starting point is with a visit to the North Sea Oceanarium, possibly with a tour of the School Services. After this a trip to Hirtshals fishing harbour. There is also the possibly to have a sail boat trip from Hirtshals. Hop on the bus to Eagle World (note no showings between Autum and Easter or in the off season there are only shows on certain days). If you wish to see more birds, we can contact the ornithologist who can show you around Råbjerg Mile. Departure home via Bindslev Gl. Elværk in Uggerby Å.

History Theme: Photo Safari in historical Hjørring.

The starting point is in Hjørring City, way out on the city limits. At the Vendsyssel Historical Museum, you will meet a guide who will walk you through the city for 1 and a halv to 2 hours. After this the students are sent out into the city in little groups with different group tasks. The tasks are to take photos with their smart phones and Instagram and document: attractions, places, parkes, people, spaces, shops etc. in the most creative and crazy way that they know. You can have a contest for the best photo in the different groups. To find your way around you can use the map function via Toppen af Danmarks App. You have lunch on the way in one of our parks, museum garden or at the Hjørring Library. When the photo safari is over, you will all meet to visit the Vendsyssel Historical Museum and Museum Garden, where there is a guided tour.


Toppen af Danmarks App can be downloaded free of charge. You use the section Hjørring-Sindal.

Instagram App is also free of charge. Photos are uploaded with the hash tag #oplevhjørring or a hash tage of your own choice. You need to make an agreement with the musuem if you wish to have a guide. 

Art Theme: A pleasure cruise at eye level.

The starting point is at the Vendsyssel Art Museum (VKM), P. Nørkjærs Plads, Skipper Clement frisen in Sparekassen Vendsyssel and Sculpture Guide Hjørring. You meet at the VKM for a tour. You can also choose to work in the art school and go on a photo hunt etc. VKM has full progams and offer for schools, see their website here. 

You visit and experience at the VKM can be supplemented with a sculpture hunt in the city. Hjørring has a total explanation of all the sculptures found in the city. You can also find ideas for different routes with different themes, along with maps and specific educational materials. The students can go out in the city on a sculpture hunt and once again use Instagram.

An art teacher can together with VKM make a very exciting art school that can be held over a number of days. Visit working artists, galleries and amber blacksmiths can be indcluded. For example the art gallery, DetViVil in Børglum, who can offer workshops that involve amoung other things, portrait painting, Kajoli, where you can be a filt maker for a day, Glasstuen in Sindal, where you can make your own glass work or Højers Amber Blacksmiths in Mygdal. You need to make appointments with the artists beforehand. You can suppliment your tour with a visit to Herregården Odden with the huge Willumsen exhibition.

History Theme: In Stygge Krumpen footsteps.

The starting point is a bus trip that is planned after the 3 folders about Stygge Krumpen. You can be joined by a local historian who can tell about the history and guide you around. A visit to the Børglum Kloster with guide and tour is also included. Also possibly a visit to the Voergård Castle.