Training Camps

in a professional environment

Dana Cup SportsCenter offers professionel enviroment for sports training camps for almost all disciplines. We are situated in an area with lots of different facilities giving lots of options - for all levels.

Here you can book training camps in football, swimming, handball, athletics, volleyball, tennis etc. Our kitchen ensures healthy and delicious food, and all our rooms have seperate bathroom.



Focus on what's important

A training camp consists of a lot of planning and coordinating, and we aspire to make your camp as successful as possible. We will therefore handle all the practical stuff from start to finish.

Before arrival we will find the best solutions for your camp together, where training and meals are deeply connected. Our skilled kitchen staff will make sure that you get healthy and nutritious meals to make sure that you can handle all the training during the day. 

When you book your training camp and you want a match against another team, we will help you find an opponent and organize it to fit your level and needs. We will also find a referee for the match if this is desired.

Our facilities can be used for many different training camps - read more about it here


There are a lot of grass pitches at Dana Cup SportsCenter and there are plenty of opportunity to play a lot of sport.The articificial pitches at Dana Cup SportsCenter are in good condition and are often praised by our guests.


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Dana Cup Sportscenter
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Our ambition

Dana Cup SportsCenter aims
to facilitate a fun and succesfull
sport training camps for all levels. 
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