Soccer in amazing surroundings

For soccer players Dana Cup SportsCenter offers matches and training on articificial pitches and grass pitches of high quality. 

Dana Cup SportsCenter is owned by Fortuna Hjørring, which is one of the leading women's soccer clubs in Denmark. Furthermore, we have Dana Cup Academy where young females live and play soccer along with school and free time.

Every year in week 30 Dana Cup Hjørring is held, which is the biggest sports event in Denmark. Here, young soccer players from all over the world meet and during the week a lot of soccer is played together with socializing. Our location thereby oozes of a great soccer environment. We also have the possibility to offer our guests training with the coaches of Fortuna Hjørring that all have UEFA A-license. 

Goal Station - the ultimate training system

Among our facilities at Dana Cup SportsCenter we have Goal Station. Goal Station is a new revolutionary training method that is used to develop your soccer skills. Goal Station training is a position based training system - the next training level. You receive a position based training with an extremely high repitition effect.

The system can recreate all kinds of combat situations and you can among other achieve the following data:

  • How fast you are
  • How effective you are
  • Your rate of success.

The system is based on the newest technology and you can never be better than the system- It can run faster and has different levels. The two primary factors are the advanced ball machine and Fitlight, which is wireless and is controlled with an iPad - The moves of the players and reactions activates the ball machine.

You can read a lot more about Goal Station here or watch the video below where the players of Fortuna Hjørring show how to use Goal Station.



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