Everything is possible at Dana Cup SportsCenter

At Dana Cup SportsCenter opportunities is the most important thing. That is why all types of sports are more than welcome and we are at your disposal to fulfill your wishes. 

Dana Cup SportsCenter offers matches, tournaments and training in modern facilities. the brand new FiberHallen, which was built in 2015 is a multi purpose gym with two fields for handball, floorball, indoor soccer etc. 

In addition to FiberHallen we have HALLEN Park Vendia with a single field to use for the same sports as FiberHallen. The opportunities are therefore many for both matches, tournaments and training at Dana Cup SportsCenter.

Click here and read more about the facilities in FiberHallen. 


Dana Cup SportsCenter has in 2018 moved a lot when it comes to E-Sport. We have among other made a cooperation with Hjørring E-Sport, who is using our facilities. This summer we have created a summer camp in cooperation with DGI, which will take place in week 27! Here, you can test your skills, hear interesting lectures about E-Sport and much more. Click here and sign up today.

E-Sport Sommercamp

Martial Arts

Dana Cup SportsCenter Offers possibilities within martial arts. With three gyms where two are coherent, there are many opportunities for tournaments, performances and championships for both elite and grassroot. Click here for more information about our facilities.

Table Tennis

At Dana Cup SportsCenter there are great options to create good table tennis experiences. We are well experienced when it comes to hosting table tennis tournaments because of our previous experience with this.



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