Menu 1

Scrimp cocktail with salad, the House cocktail dressing, asparagus and lemon.
Old fashioned roast beef with glaced peark onion and Pommes Rissolle.
Lemon mousse with whipped cream.

Menu 2

Danish Chicken and Asparagus Tartlets.
Veal with red wine sauce, Pommes Anna and seasonal greens.
Chocolate cake with vanilla custard and berries.

Late Night Snack

Onion soup with cheesy bread.

Gullasch soup.

At least 20 orders.

Special offer: DKK 275,- per order.

Late night snack: DKK 65,- per order.


Delivery within 10 km: DKK 500,-

Delivery above 10 km: DKK 4,00,- per driven kilometer.

Chef hours when serving and presenting the courses: DKK 325,- (min. 2 hours).

We are flexible if you have other wishes for the menu and together we will find the solution that fits your needs. If special wishes should occur, additional charge will be added.

Contact us today at or via phone: +45 98 92 67 00




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